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Acclaim Lighting Flex Lighting Solutions NoUVIR
ANP Lighting Gigahertz Optik Prudential
Architectural Area Ltg Hunt Dimming Philips Bodine
ATG Kim Lighting Q-Tran
Birchwood King Luminaire Co. TRP
Echelon Lamar Lighting Tivoli
ELP MaxLite Visa Lighting

Aria Wireless DMX System


Aria Wireless DMX System is a compact, local, outdoor rated system with an internal wireless radio that features both mesh networking and signal routing optimization to ensure the best possible reception of DMX data. The Aria transceiver can act as both the sending and receiving point, and provides up to 14 channels on the 2.4 GHz band. It comes with a 5dB, omni-directional antenna, which provides transmission up to 2600 foot line of sight, and 300 feet between obstructions and walls. Aria can also make a direct connection without the need for an additional unit to fixtures.

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The Madison Series: modernism with encompassing details

Synonymous with classic design, Madison’s effortless elegance starts with a stunning shade profile paired with industrial trim to add a sophisticated touch to restaurants, hotels, shops, and offices. The Madison series is available in a wide array of sizes, mountings, arms, and finishes so you can create the exact mood to complement your design. Proudly made in the U.S.A. by ANP Lighting, these high-quality, spun-aluminum shades are available in a wide range of contemporary and classic color finishes. So go ahead and mix it up ... the possibilities are endless.

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KB6 Kick™ Bollard


KicK Bollard brings best in class performance and technology withoptics capable of IES distributionsor comfortable pixel free illumination.Every aspect of the bollard is bothconfigurable and customizable,enabling it to be the ultimate lowlevel luminaire. Features includefield rotatable body and optics, configurable lens shielding, clear or diffused lens options, integral battery backup, occupancy sensor and wireless controls. AvaiIable with IES Type II, III, or IV distributions and 3000K, 4000K or 5000K, the bollard provides 3,000 delivered lumens.

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Linear High Bay


ATG’s Stellar Linear High Bay is engineered for high-performance illumination in large indoor environments. The Linear High Bay’s luminous efficacy and uniform light distribution stand out in the class, with a diffusing lens carefully selected to minimize glare. To maximize light quality across applications, the fixture is available with both clear and frosted lenses.

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BRANDI Wet Location Luminaire

BRANDI wet location luminaire just got updated in two styles for architectural applications which demand a performance-driven wet location luminaire that can keep the toughest elements out, but hold the most sophisticated style in.

Incorporating our latest LED technology, heavy gauge extruded aluminum housing, precision machined end caps and extruded acrylic or polycarbonate lenses with interior gasketing make BRANDI the perfect choice under the most demanding weather conditions. For more information visit Birchwood Lighting.

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Lumewave by Echelon® Outdoor Integrated White Tuning Solution


The Lumewave by Echelon® Outdoor Integrated White Tuning Solution connects a smart network of outdoor lighting with a variety of inputs for safety and comfort. This industry-first outdoor white tuning solution helps municipalities balance the needs of stakeholders, from emergency responders to neighborhood residents, when implementing LED lighting. Lighting color and intensity adjust dynamically based on schedules and adaptive control inputs, including traffic and weather analytics as well as sensors. White color adjustments from 2700°K to 5500°K, in conjunction with full range dimming, can improve visual acuity in different conditions and support healthy sleep patterns as recommended by the AMA.

Visit Booth #563 for a live demonstration.

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Hole In The Wall Series


Embrace the magic of light emanating from unobtrusive apertures with no visible hardware or trim. ELP’s “Hole In The Wall” (HITW Series) fixtures provide a smooth wash of asymmetric light. Shallow, 3-1/2” depth allows wall recessing into a standard stud wall. Mount high, orient up to light the ceiling or low, oriented down to illuminate the floor as pictured. Additionally, luminaires may be mounted in the ceiling for a wall wash effect. Numerous rectangular, square and arched apertures are offered and custom designs are available. Most models offer 1% dimming, while some LED units are supplied standard with 1% dimming.

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High Performance Perimeter Slot

The High Performance Wall Slot (HP-WS) is a perimeter luminaire delivering a wash of light at the transition between wall and ceiling planes. Installation after wall and ceiling are fully framed simplifies project management and optional telescoping sections provide an accurate fit with uniform illumination. 10-year performance-based warranty with 90% of initial light output (L90) at 100,000 hours. Available in 3000K, 3500K and 4000K CCT and Tunable White. 10-working-day shipping on standard orders.

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Essentials 4.0 Series LED High Bay

The industry’s best LED high bay is getting even better! Designed to provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership, Essentials 4.0 will feature:

• Efficacy up to 172 lm/W
• Modular design with output ranging from 6,000 - 73,000 lumens
• Best-in-class thermal management system, resulting in extremely long life
• Up to 65°C ambient operating temperature
• Rotatable outer modules for better optical control

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BTS256-LED SpectroLightmeter

The BTS256-LED SpectroLightmeter is a multi-purpose tool designed to measure luminous flux of single LEDs by means of its unique conical input optic and built-in integrating sphere. It provides complete color and spectral data employing both numeric and graphic form. LED fixtures and arrays or other larger light sources can be measured by either attaching the BTS256-LED tester to an external integrating sphere or goniophotometer. Other optional input optic attachments are available for illuminance and averaged luminous intensity measurement.

All LED tester functions are under control of the supplied S-BTS256 software. An SDK is also available for self-programmers.

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Simplicity® PhotoSlide™

HUNT Dimming’s Simplicity ® PhotoSlide™ lighting controller combines manual dim-ming and daylight harvesting control for LED lighting in a single wall-mounted device.
The versatile slide controller allows users to switch or dim 120V or 277V LED or fluo-rescent lighting. The light sensor automatically reduces light output and energy con-sumption in response to available daylight by maintaining a target illumination level, providing ongoing energy cost savings during daylight hours. PhotoSlide™ offers op-portunities for commercial building energy code compliance in new construction and a simple energy-saving retrofit in existing buildings. The PhotoSlide™ controller installs quickly and easily, using only low-voltage wiring.

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AFL10 Architectural Floodlight


With a timeless architectural form and 30 year reputation for unprecedented quality and performance, the AFL10 has been upgraded to LED. Sleek looking optics with wide, vertical and narrow flood distributions complement the AFL’s premium architectural design and securely attach to an internal heat sink for maximum thermal dissipation. The IP66 certified die-cast aluminum housing offers excellent value and rugged service. Swivel mount provides superior aiming without loosening over time. Features include up to a 40% increase in lumen output and a 34- 52% increase in max candela over HID. Easy to install LED retrofit kits are available.

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King Luminaire Co. Inc., produces a comprehensive line of historical outdoor luminaires offering exceptional light quality, long usable life, energy efficiency, durability and compatibility with controls; all of which can help cut down on energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs. Combine this advanced LED technology with the natural beauty of StressCrete decorative concrete poles that have low lifetime costs, are maintenance free and have a lifetime warranty for an elegantly classic design. King Luminaire also produces iron, steel, and aluminum poles, and site amenities to coordinate all your architectural elements. King Luminaire and StressCrete are divisions of The StressCrete Group.

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Aluminum Narrow Linear (ALN)

The Aluminum Narrow Linear (ALN) Series is only 2” wide & fits discretely into many applications such as aisle, work bench, warehouse, and inspection areas. Suitable for continuous runs, this LED can be linked end to end up to 24 linear feet & can be stacked to make wide arrays. This fixture is ideal for pendant, ceiling or surface mount installations and is also available with a custom spectrum grow light CCT.

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MaxLite Indoor Pallet Program

Save over 50 percent on pallet quantities of LED indoor fixtures from MaxLite, including Utility Wraps, Vapor Tights, Utility Strips and Troffers. By taking advantage of pallet quantity savings and utility incentives, distributors can stock these DLC-listed products at potentially little to no cost. Call 1-800-555-5629 for details today!

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End photochemical damage!

A world renowned museum just raised $300,000 to re-dye and restore their pair of Dorothy’s slippers. 30 years of bad lighting had cooked them to a nice garnet brown. “Bad” is a harsh word but… UV, IR (and their associated photochemical and photomechanical damage), waste heat and poor or unbalanced color, all meet the technical definitions for “bad.” NoUVIR fiber optic lighting keeps this pair brilliant red… on display… year after year… without damage. Maybe you don’t often light irreplaceable objects. The truth is, everything cooks, fades and looks ugly under bad lighting. You deserve better. You deserve NoUVIR!

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Easy Emergency LED Retrofit

Philips Emergency Lighting offers a variety of fully listed, field-installable, cost-saving solutions for easily converting LED fixtures into code-compliant emergency lighting.

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P23 - Perimeter Fill

A breakthrough industry first, Prudential Lighting’s PERIMETER FILL optic washes corridors in light from one side only (ideal for hospitals), with huge cost savings, outstanding distribution and far more energy efficiency than typical perimeter lighting solutions.

Froederdt hospital in Wisconsin utilized our Perimeter Fill optic to illuminate several floors of corridors, cutting fixture and installation costs by half and reducing energy needs by more than 60% compared to using typical cove lighting on both sides of corridors. Their stringent 50 foot-candle average at the working plane was easily met.

Available in 2˝ and 4˝ perimeter and wall-mounted pendants.

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Q-Tran is proud to introduce the Q-Cap product line of encapsulated linear LED fixtures, available in flexible and rigid models. The meticulous manufacturing process and high-quality materials used to encapsulate these products deliver a one of a kind innovative solution. All products are IP68 listed and suitable for use in extreme indoor and outdoor environments. The protective layer, which ranges in thickness and shape, provides superior thermal dissipation and protection from UV rays, treated water, salt water and solvents. All Q-Cap fixtures are proudly manufactured in the United States at Q-Tran headquarters in Milford, CT.

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SelectSYNC Class P Programmable Drivers

TRP's new SelectSync™ family of programmable LED drivers provide solutions for powering intelligent lighting devices. Feature-rich Class P Listed drivers are controls-ready and offer a range of form factors, wattages and dimming options. Universal configurator with advanced GUI interface delivers simplicity for manufacturing environments. Experience it at LightFair, booth 1325.

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Wally Recessed Wall Light System

Tivoli introduces the Wally. A drywall thickness recessed lighting solution.

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Beautifully simple. Incomparable performance. Unmatched functionality.
For the first time ever a round luminous form has been crafted that not only breaks up ceiling scapes, but also breaks barriers to offer tunable lighting as it has never been offered before. The elegant, exclusive lens encompasses a gentle concave profile with a graceful, shallow dome to offer a different aesthetic from the typical ceiling fixtures. The Symmetry LED series includes three models for a variety of operations – the Tunable White LED, the Over-Bed Patient Room, and the General Use Ambient.

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