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2018 Advertising Options & Rates
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(A) Value Program - $500 / year

At only $42 a month, we believe it's the most cost-effective advertising targeting lighting specifiers on the web or in print.

ENHANCED LISTING - An upgrade to your current free listing which includes:

1) A display of your product photos incorporated into your listing
2) Priority search result ranking in categories where your company appears
3) A complete listing of your company's products linked through the Products icon
4) A link to your company's Catalog request web page or you may utilize the Lightsearch sales lead form

FEATURED PRODUCTS - Highlight and promote your products on the Lightsearch homepage - viewed by 61,000 visitors monthly.

5) Two of your company's products will be showcased on the Lightsearch homepage for two weeks each

View: Enhanced Listing Example

Compare Enhanced vs. comlimentary listing

View: Featured Products Example (2 products, each product posted for 2 weeks)

27,000 Ad Impressions Delivered / Year

Rate: $500/year (1 year minimum)

Option: Enhanced Listing only $300/year (1 year minimum)

Value Program Add-On Options

......*** Rates vary by category - Limited to available inventory ***
Exclusive Banner or Skyscraper Ad appears on Product Category search page. Limited to one company / year / category. Please refer to 2016 Category Sponsorship Rate Card for complete list of categories and availability.

(B) Standard Site Sponsor Program - $5,950 / year

Present your company in this prestigious position as a leader in the lighting industry while creating and reinforcing brand among lighting professionals who specify your products.

Included features:

1) Your permanent company Logo appears along right side of homepage
2) Your Display Ad appears in rotation on the Product & Company search result screen
3) Two Level 2 Category Sponsorships or advertising item(s) of comparable value
4) Enhanced Listing / Featured Products bundle included

View: Company Logo on hompage Example

View: Ad in Product & Company Search Result Screen Example

View: Level 2 Category Skyscraper Ad Example

View: Enhanced Listing Example

View: Featured Products Example

Eight companies can participate. (First-right-of-refusal for renewing advertisers)

400,000 Ad Impressions Delivered / Year

Rate: $5,950 / Year (1 year minimum; invoiced monthly)

(C) Premium Home Page Sponsorships (each is exclusive & permanent)

$7,450 / year
Largest banner and only ad with animation on homepage. Appears in lower right

Includes features described above - (B) Site Sponsor Program - except that display ad appears on home page in lieu of Company Logo.

$7,450 / year
480 x 71px banner appears at top of homepage

Includes features described above - (B) Site Sponsor Program - except that display ad appears on home page in lieu of Company Logo.

$7,975 / year
Banner appears in lower left within search box where up to 10 of your product images will appear in rotaion.
Your company logo appears at top of search column on homepage and on interim and final search pages.

Includes features described above - (B) Site Sponsor Program with following exeptions:
- Display ad appears on home page in lieu of Company Logo
- Logo appears at top of interim and final search result pages in lieu ad in Company and Product search result screen

(D) LightNOW BLOG: Direct Email & Blog Sponsor Program - $595 / 2 week

One of the most targeted ad buys on Lightsearch. Your company's advertising will appear through two media channels: e-newsletter sent to 16,500 lighting professionals, and through links from the Lightsearch homepage to LightNOW Blog postings.

Headlines posted by Craig DiLouie, LC and other experts in the lighting field appear on the Lightsearch home page which are linked to the full stories on New posts are added throughout the week. Sponsor receives exclusive banners which are displayed with every blog post and archived stories over two week period. In addition, the sponsoring company's name is posted prominently on the Lightsearch home page above the blog headlines.

Reach the 16,000+ subscriber-based readership of the LightNOW e-newsletter which catorizes and lists the blog posts that have apppeared over the previous two weeks. Your company's banner plus 100 words of text appears at the top of the LightNOW e-newsletter.

Included features:

1) Your Company Name appears on the Lightsearch home page as the Premier LightNOW sponsor for two weeks.
2) Your 200x200 Banner appears on every LightNOW blog post linked from the Lightsearch homepage     and with every archived story during that two week period.
3) An additional Banner and Text appears on the LightNOW e-Newsletter e-mailed at the end of two weeks to over 16,500+ professionals

View: Sponsor's Name which appears on Lightsearch homepage which links to their web site Example

View: Your company's banner appears with every blog post Example

View: Email Newsletter Display Ad and Text Example

54,000 Text ad impressions served through homepage + news story ads + e-newsletter ad

Rate: $595/ 2 weeks

(D option) LightNOW eNewsletter Supporting Sponsor - $295

Your Company's Banner either appears on center (position b) or above the footer (position c) of the LightNOW e-Newsletter e-mailed at the end of two weeks to over 16,500 professionals.

• View: Email Newsletter Display Ad and Example


(E) LightNOW BUZZ Social Media Feeds - $495 / year

Your Company's Facebook, Twitter & YouTube Channel posts appear in real-time through the LightNOW BUZZ. Posts include your company logo, teaser text and corresponding social logo with link to full post.

Lightsearch advertiser rate: $445.50

• View: The LightNOW BUZZ


(F) LightNOW Special Products Issue- $250 / issue

Your Company's Product is Showcased in one or more special editions LightNOW which will be distributed to 16,500 subscribers prior to LEDucation, LightFair. Special editions also include Solid-State Lighting Issue and Lighting Controls Issue. Here, your company's product image or application photo will appear with up to 100 words of text and link to a page on your website.

1X $250 / 2X $225 / 4X $200

• View: The LightNOW Specital Products Issue Example


(G) LightNOW Job Postings- $200 / post

Advertise Your Company's Career Opportunity through Lightsearch homepage and through the JOBS page within our Lighting Resource Center. Links from headlines point to job description (no word limit). One complimentary job listing is included with all Lightsearch advertising programs per year.



 All advertising includes an annual performance report of ad impressions and referrals through click-thrus.

A complimentary graphics service is included with all Lightsearch advertising programs. Please refer to the Lightsearch Ad Specifications if you wish to supply your own ad materials.

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